Curriculum of International MBA


MBA501 (3credits): Managerial Economics

MBA502 (3credits): Management and Organizational Behavior

MBA503 (3credits): Data Model and Decision-making

MBA504 (3credits): Financial Accounting

MBA505 (3credits): Marketing Management

MBA506 (3credits): Advanced Corporate Finance

MBA507 (3credits): Strategic Management

MBA508 (3 credits): International Business Management

MBA509 (3credits): Operations Management

MBA522 (3 credits):Marketing Research


Elective courses

Management & Organization

MBA510 (2 credits):
Human Resource Management

MBA511 (2 credits):
Business Risk Management

MBA512 (2 credits):
Business Negotiation

MBA513 (2 credits):
Cross-cultural Management

MBA514 (2 credits):
Managerial Communication

MBA515 (2 credits):

MBA516 (1 credit):
Business Simulation Game


Module 2
& Accounting

MBA517 (2 credits):
Managerial Accounting

MBA518 (2 credits):
Financial Statement Analysis

MBA519 (2 credits):

MBA520 (2 credits):

Module 3

MBA521 (2credits):
Consumer Behavior in China


MBA523 (2credits):
Service Marketing


Module 4
Operations Management

MBA524 (2 credits):
Project Management

MBA525 (2 credits):
Supply Chain Management

Module 5
Business Environment

MBA526 (2 credits):
International Trade Practices

MBA527 (1 credit):
Global Environment for Business

MBA541(2 Credits):
Global Strategy


Module 6

MBA528 (2 credits):
Business Practice in China

MBA529 (1 credit):
Accounting Practice in China

MBA530 (1 credit):
Marketing in China

MBA531 (1 credit):
HRM in China

MBA532 (1 credit):
Leadership in China

MBA533 (1 credit):
Business-Government Relationship in China

MBA534 (1 credit):
Business Legal Environment in China

MBA535 (1 credit):
Mass Media and Public Relations

MBA536 (1 credit):
Chinaís Capital Market

MBA537 (1 credit):
Introduction to Chinaís Foreign Trade Policy

Module 7
Culture & Others

MBA538 (1 credit):
Business and Chinese Traditional Culture

MBA539 (1 credit):
Business Chinese

MBA540 (1 credit):
Physical Education